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Jimmy Romero and his entrepreneurial partner Micki Thorne have never met a 'Keep Out' sign they could resist. Blackmailed by a ruthless tycoon, they find themselves guiding his operative through a shattered office tower mere hours before it is to be imploded. Hidden somewhere in the explosive-packed interior is a priceless relic spirited out of France on the eve of World War II. But Jimmy discovers that others are searching for this prize as well. Members of a shadowy religious order led by Reverend Artemis Quaid seek to recover the relic while a smooth and psychopathic treasure hunter named Eric Volker is determined to profit from its retrieval. Jimmy finds himself in a nine-story battle of wits and fists with Volker's sophisticated crew of bandits... all while time relentlessly counts down to implosion.

Title : Infiltrators
Year : 2013
Rating : Unrated
Runtime :
Release Dates :
Actors :
  • Jonny Cruz ()
  • Nathalie Kelley ()
  • Hallee Hirsh ()
  • Gregory Jbara ()
  • Robert Picardo ()
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